Every Sunday

Time: 10:00am

Place: 112 Central Ave. Faribault, MN 55021

If you are looking for a welcoming church family made up of believers in Jesus Christ who are at all stages of spiritual maturity, then The Crux Church is for you.  We purpose to worship in spirit and in truth through our fellowship, music, the receiving of the word, and in our giving.  We believe that the real work of ministry is done outside the walls of our gathering place and view Sunday morning as a time to encourage one another in lives as we seek to glorify God through the building of His kingdom.

Our Pastor, Phill Hall, is currently taking us through the book of Matthew.  This series began in July of 2014 and it targeted for completion in the fall of 2017.  He is approaching the text each week verse by verse as he seeks to be diligent to show himself approved, handling the word rightly (2 Timothy 2:15).  The application in these messages reinforce the reality that God’s word is timeless and offers truth for us today that will transform our lives.

Please join us each Sunday at 10:00 for coffee and 10:30 for our worship service.